Midland, Texas is one of Fox Corporate Housing’s oil lodging centers and somewhere we do a lot of business. It’s also a nice city in a lovely state. It always has something going on, is expanding steadily and has quite a lot of history for somewhere that began as a station for the Texas and Pacific Railway. Midland can be found towards the western edge of Texas, halfway between El Paso and Fort Worth. It’s very Last Light IIclose to Odessa and the two cities are often regarded or mistaken as the same place, but are very different. Midland was settled in 1881, the same time as Odessa as a station for the Texas and Pacific Railway. Originally called Midway Station, it was renamed in 1884 as there were already other towns called Midway in Texas. The Post Office arrived that same year, which heralded the beginnings of civilization in the area. Midland became the county seat of Midland County in 1885 and by 1890 had houses, stores, cattle ranches and had grown significantly. Like Odessa, Midland quickly became an important stop for cattle ranchers loading their herds onto wagons for transportation to auction. The city was incorporated in 1906 and had its first fire department by 1910. More people came to settle the area thanks to the availability of cheap land and the city grew steadily. Then, in 1923, everything changed. The discovery of oil in the Permian Basin in 1927 changed Midland and Odessa forever. As fields around Midland struck oil and began producing, the city grew as the administrative center for managing production. This brought jobs, people and wealth to the area. The oil industry grew steadily, especially with the outbreak of World War II. The huge increase in demand for oil to serve the war effort ensured rapid expansion in the area, bringing more work and more workers. Midland also became a training ground for Air Force bombardiers. The discovery of the Spraberry Trend oil field cemented our success as a center for oil in Texas. Regarded as the third largest oil field in the country, it is still producing oil and gas to this day. In fact, the output of the region equates to one fifth of our nation’s fossil fuel output. While oil and gas is still a big part of our lives here, Midland has diversified to add variety and security. We are now big into telecommunications and transportation as well as having smaller supporting industries to maintain employment. Midland is a lively city with lots going on. Oil and gas has brought wealth and jobs to the area and continues to support our way of life. If you want to join in the action, contact Fox Corporate Housing today. We’ll help you get a furnished apartment while you find your feet.

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