Housing Solutions in Midland and Odessa

RXH Corporate Housing specializes in comfortable rentals with a touch of luxury. If you’re staying in Midland and Odessa for 28 days or more, we’re the guys to call!

Our properties range from apartments to houses, condos to estate homes from one to four bedrooms. Each is state of the art, fully furnished, full of amenities such as TVs, satellite or cable, internet, phone, laundry facilities and more. They are often in residential communities and you will have access to their amenities too. Click here to view our furnished rentals in Midland & Odessa.

Furnished apartments

With access to thousands of furnished apartments across the country, we’re best placed to fulfil your demand for quality and service. Our apartments are all furnished and include a fitted kitchen, bathroom, one or more bedrooms, living room and plenty of space.

Oil and gas housing

As Midland and Odessa Oil and gas housing specialists, we’re experienced at delivering on the particular needs of this industry. If you want a little more than the usual camp or bunkhouse but don’t want to pay a fortune for it, we can help.

Oilfield lodging with RXH Corporate Housing is cheaper than a hotel, quieter than a camp and more private than a bunkhouse, what more do you need?

Relocation housing

Relocating to a new city is tough enough without having to find somewhere to live or cope with a hotel room for weeks on end. That’s why corporate housing is becoming so popular. It’s the cheapest, easiest way to explore somewhere new without long-term obligations or risking it all by buying somewhere you don’t know.

Stay for a month, stay for six, it’s entirely up to you!

Our corporate housing specialists can source, secure, arrange and manage your short-term accommodation from beginning to end. We’re here if you need us and we take care of everything. It’s all part of the service.