If you’re a seasoned worker, you’re probably used to prefabs, bunkhouses and timber buildings. While there’s nothing wrong with them, you could do much better. Many workers are now expecting better. That’s why Fox Corporate Housing’s Odessa oilfield lodging specialists are so busy. Camps and lodging are great if you want to maximize your income and live for as little as possible while away, but if you want to give yourself a little more they aren’t enough. Hotel rooms are fine if you don’t mind staring at the same four walls all the time in a stuffy little room. They are okay for a week, but not a month or three at a time.Odessa-Oil-Fields-300x187 Book your oilfield lodging with us and you get more. A lot more. Fox Corporate Housing offers standard furnished apartments of all shapes and sizes to oil and gas workers in Odessa. That means a high quality apartment in a residential building. It also means you’re off site, but nearby or even downtown if you prefer. With a range of apartments and locations to choose from you’re no longer restricted to choosing a bunk or a room. What’s even better is the cost. Book your oilfield lodging with us and we’ll provide a fully furnished apartment that’s ready to move in for less than half the cost of an average hotel room.

What do you get for your money?

You get a furnished one, two or three bedroom apartment in a location of your choice. You get a furnished living room with sofa, chairs, TV, blinds or curtains, maybe some artwork on the wall and a lamp or two. You also get a fully fitted kitchen with everything you need to keep yourself fed and watered. A full bathroom is also included, with walk-in shower or bath/shower combo. Each bedroom will also have a bed, bed linen, maybe a bedside table with lamp and possibly some more art on the wall. It will have everything you need to get a good night sleep after a long day at work. Some apartments will have a den or dining room. Some will have a balcony or patio. These can also include furniture and everything you require to enjoy them. All apartments provided by Fox Corporate Housing are ready to move in. All you need to do is unpack. We take care of everything, from billing, utilities and even cleaning if you want! So what can you expect from your oilfield lodging? Everything you could possibly need!

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