What to do in Odessa

If you find yourself moving to or working in or around Odessa, Texas, you’re going to want to know what’s going on in the area. You’re also going to want to know where to go for a bit of entertainment and what kind of thing to expect while you’re here.

Odessa is growing rapidly with the expansion of the oil and gas fields and more oilfield lodging springing up every day. If you’re part of the oil and gas industry, any of these venues can provide a welcome distraction from work.

Ellen Noel Art Museum

The Ellen Noel Art Museum is a small art museum that has been a welcome addition to Odessa. Widely lauded as “bringing a little culture to the town,” the museum has a wide range of art from across the world. With regular exhibitions and events, it’s a nice place to visit.Music-City-Mall-282x300

Music City Mall

Music City Mall is where you to do shop in Odessa. Once tired and run down, the mall has experienced something of a renaissance thanks to the oil industry and the money it brings. With the usual chain stores and some local ones, an ice rink, children’s play area and more.

The Globe Theatre

The Globe Theatre is named after Shakespeare’s original theater in England and can be found on Shakespeare Rd in Odessa. It’s a pastiche of the original-style theaters that produced plays during the 16th and 17th centuries and is well worth a visit if you’re interested in performing arts or even if you’re not!

Regal Permian Palace Stadium 11

The Regal Permian Palace Stadium 11 is a fancy name for Odessa’s cinema. If you like the escapism of the movies, this is the place to get it. While expensive, it’s popular and has all the latest movies. It also has 3D, so if that’s your thing this is where to get your fix.

Meteor crater

If you’re in the oil and gas industry, you might not want to spend more time looking at a hole in the ground, but this one is different. Located 10 miles outside Odessa is the third biggest meteor crater in the country. It’s definitely something do see if you’re in the area.

Those are just five ways to spend time outside of work in Odessa. If you’re working or living here as part of the oil and gas industry, they are also a welcome distraction from the day to day. We hope you enjoy them!