RXH Corporate Housing provides luxury rented accommodation in Odessa, Midland, and across the continental United States. With access to thousands of furnished rentals, we can deliver the property you’re looking for at a price you can afford.FOX-Corporate-Housing-1-300x225

On average, a corporate rental is around half the price of a comparable hotel room for stays of 28 days or more. Considering you get an apartment to yourself with all the comforts and freedoms of home, it’s the only way to go.

Try us yourself to see how much you could save on an Odessa corporate rental!

Corporate housing offers three major benefits, room to breathe, privacy and security and convenient locations.

Room to breathe

Hotel rooms are great for vacations but that’s it. They are what they say they are, a room. You would be amazed how small even the largest hotel suite feels after a couple of weeks of staying there!

All our corporate lets are full apartments or houses, including multiple rooms and all the comforts of home. They can also include balconies, patios, gardens and outdoor space too. You don’t get that with a hotel room or man camp!

Privacy and security

While you can shut out the rest of the hotel in your room, you can still hear them. You also have to let room service in at some point to clean the room. If you have ever stayed in a camp or bunkhouse, you already know how important a bit of privacy is!

With corporate housing it’s up to you who you invite in. As you are located within standard residential buildings, they offer the same kind of peace and quiet you enjoy at home.

Convenient locations

Those residential locations can be downtown, near industrial or business centers or in commuter belts. You can select a building and a location convenient for you. Hotels are where they are and there’s no moving them. Corporate housing offers a flexibility that’s very hard to beat.

Our Odessa corporate rentals are all within easy reach of the oil fields, processing plants, refineries and downtown. They are the ideal base of operations for your time here.

All of our corporate rentals are fully furnished and include everything you need to live. That can include linens, soft furnishings, cutlery, dinnerware, laundry facilities, TV, cable or satellite and internet.

So what are you waiting for? Contact RXH Corporate Housing today to book your next long term let!